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The primary goal of Mental Health Support Services is to preserve the individuals independence and maintenance of healthy living through providing community linkages that will equip them with the knowledge, skills and abilities. These skills will allow them to recognize personal danger, establish or maintain interpersonal relationships and recognize inappropriate social behavior. 


We seek to provide life skills and counseling to individuals struggling with life challenges. Each qualifying adult gets an individualized service plan that is person centered.  We work closely to ensure you are  are set up for success.


Intensive In-Home Services is a time-limited structured intensive program for children and adolescents ages 4-20 provided in the home to promote family preservation to prevent out of home placement. The program includes individual counseling and family counseling weekly with emergency assistance as needed with the client and legal guardian or parent(s).

The purpose of home-based services is to provide comprehensive services to at-risk children, adolescents and families in order to stabilize the family and maintain the home environment, establish & work on treatment goals and facilitate the use of community resources by the family.


WHO Counseling Services is focused on rejuvenating and healing through services that are focused on the mind, body and soul. A persons problems and issues can be largely understood by environmental influences, so our counselors spend time outside of the clinical setting participating in community events, raising awareness and reducing the stigma.


WHO Counseling Services is certified through the Virginia Alcohol Action Program (VASAP) and Virginia Department of Corrections to provide substance use disorder services. This program uses certified research of substances impacting their ability to maintain appropriate behaviors. WHO utilizes the MEE Journal Curriculum to address addictive behaviors that has caused significant impairment in home, community, and work.

Building Connections to Encourage Change

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